Welcome to My Multimedia Journalist Portfolio

I am a recent graduate in broadcast journalism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. At U of I, I  was a play-by-play and color announcer for Big Ten Network's Student U program, sports radio editor, columnist, and beat reporter for the Daily Illini. I also hosted Oskee Talk as part of The Champaign Room podcast and was a contributor for "The Top Flight", a Premier League blog on FanSided. Currently, I am a multimedia contributor for the Massive Report covering the Columbus Crew in MLS. When I'm not announcing or covering the Crew, I am gaming on my Twitch channel or creating graphics for my sports Instagram blog, Total Score. I also love discussing movies and tv shows.



Columbus Crew podcast on the Massive Report blog

Illinois sports podcast on The Champaign Room

Soccer podcast about the English Premier League and the 2018 World Cup miniseries "Road to Moscow"



Excerpts from The Top Flight and The Daily Illini

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